When the initial murmurs came trickling into articles and news broadcasts of an unknown, contagious pathogen infecting people in China, no-one could have expected that it would become a global pandemic which would sweep across the Earth at an unprecedented rate. Society as we know it was virtually brought to a standstill with restaurants, schools, pubs, salons, hairdressers and parks having to close in order to comply with lockdown restrictions. At long last, following months inside our homes with little to do, things are slowly but surely beginning to ease back into normality.

Amongst the many things which are gradually starting up are driving lessons. Learner drivers in England have finally been able to resume or begin driving lessons and theory tests as of the 4th of July, whilst driving tests will commence a couple of weeks later on the 22nd of the month. Lockdown rules in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland differ, but the hope is that they will soon be able to follow suit and ease restrictions too. Driving is one of those essential life skills which is practically a necessity in the 21st century. More or less everyone depends on a form of transport at some point, but being able to drive your own vehicle is a major convenience.

Indeed, passing your driving test has become something of a rite of passage into adulthood. Attaining that pass certificate and finally collecting your shiny new keys for the car is one of the major milestones teenagers impatiently wait for and is an exciting leap into adulting. Having your own personal transport is a liberating experience and opens up new avenues of independence and freedom. It’s certainly nice to have the option aside from having to wait to be picked up and dropped off by friends or family and definitely beats depending entirely on public transport! 

This resumption of driving lessons and tests is a welcome change and one which many of you have been no doubt looking forward to for a long time. With countless people having had to delay their plans, it’s pretty much expected that everyone will be impatiently waiting to book their lessons as soon as possible. Usually the first step we take when embarking on this journey is to either ask for recommendations from family and friends or turn to a search engine to enlighten us on where to start.

However, a glimpse at any online search will reveal literally thousands of options, companies and instructors, and with families and friends everyone has their own experiences and opinions on which instructor or driving school to go with. With so much choice available, it’s quite difficult to sift through the clutter and be able to confidently decide what’s legit and what’s not, whether the service is high-quality or sub-standard, as well as whether or not it’s available in your area.

This is where The Lesson Shop steps in to take the helm. The Lesson Shop is a UK-based comparison website and it has been especially designed in order to streamline and simplify the process of searching for lessons online. All that you are required to do is to type in the lesson you are looking for as well as your location, and we’ll take care of the rest. As a matter of fact, driving lessons for beginners are amongst our most popular searchers and we’ve helped countless people who’ve come to us with this.

Regardless of where you live, we can assure you that The Lesson Shop will be able to provide you a list of reputable and reliable driving instructors in your area. The Lesson Shop erases the stress and confusion from searching for the ideal instructor in whom you should invest your money. Choosing the perfect option has never been easier. We provide you with up-to-date and genuine ratings and reviews, pricing and fee structures, recommendations as well as lesson details. Not only that, but once you have found what you were looking for then we guide you right to the company website and equip you with all of the details you need.

Whether you are a just beginning your journey into driving or you are picking up what you had to leave behind pre-lockdown, we’ll ensure that you are matched with a local driving instructor. We have done all of the research for you in order to remove all of your uncertainties, by conducting background checks and verifying each teacher and lesson. The legitimacy of everything which appears on The Lesson Shop is carefully verified, so that only the most trustworthy and effective of instructors are featured on our website.

For driving instructors themselves, this is an invaluable resource. As with many individuals and their families, the lockdown has been an incredibly challenging and uncertain time for driving instructors. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, however, and instructors will be keen to begin booking lessons and starting work at long last. Through The Lesson Shop, we’ve created a platform for teachers to sign up and list their lessons, teaching methods and pricing. Potential customers who come across your profile on our website will know immediately that being featured here means you are reliable, trustworthy and legitimate. This makes this a wonderful way to increase business and create bookings and schedules with new clients.

After much anticipation, the news we had all been waiting for has finally arrived – driving lessons in England are commencing on the 4th July. This is an exciting time for learners, drivers and instructors. Learner drivers are able to pursue their ambitions and independence, whilst instructors can resume their livelihood once again. The Lesson Shop has been created to streamline this process for everyone involved. By assuring learner and drivers that only those with the highest standards of service and quality of work are featured and by providing instructors with a platform to bring in potential customers and book lessons, The Lesson Shop makes sure all the hard work is done so that you can enjoy peace of mind. After everything that has been happening, you deserve it!