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The Lesson Shop is the UK lesson comparison website and our story is a pretty simple one.

Back in 2018, a leaflet for a local guitar teacher offering private lessons drops through the letterbox of Jack’s door, prompting a thought that eventually leads him to develop the website you see before you.

That same day Jack is sat in his car waiting patiently behind a new driver who is negotiating a tricky hill start with the help of their instructor. Opposite is a local sports centre where groups of children are put through their paces in karate lessons, dance classes, football training and swimming sessions, whilst their parents attend private tennis lessons or PT gym sessions. Families leaving together can be heard discussing horse riding courses, language classes, private tutors, professional golf lessons… 

We may be exaggerating that this was all in the space of one day, but it paints a great picture of the countless lessons, sessions, classes and courses that take place every day all over the UK.

So thoughts moved towards a website that could bring teacher and student together on one easy to use platform. 

Is there a way for people to find and compare the best local lessons from the hundreds that are available? At the same time can the teacher, instructor or tutor have access to customers who are looking for them, rather than having to post thousands of leaflets or spend hundreds of pounds on marketing or Search Engine Optimisation each month?

There is now and it’s called The Lesson Shop. Find a list of all the available lessons here

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